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Smarketing Score

Answer the following questions until your company’s CRO-Readiness Score appears.

  1. 1. Marketing consults with sales in the creation and management of sales lead generation campaigns

  2. 2. Sales has input into the creation and improvement of marketing collateral, both online and offline

  3. 3. Marketing and sales are well aligned through shared objectives and joint performance metrics

  4. 4. Sales has input into the planning and the execution of marketing campaigns

  5. 5. Sales consults with Marketing prior to setting sales targets

  6. 6. Both sales and marketing have access to the sales pipeline and related account information

  7. 7. Marketing has good understanding of the sales objectives

  8. 8. Sales has a good understanding of Marketing's objectives

  9. 9. It is easy for the sales force to find specific marketing collateral

  10. 10. Marketing has a good understanding of what marketing material is being used by the high performing sales people

  11. 11. There is a formal process for capturing, creating and distribution of customer testimonials

  12. 12. There is a central digital repository for the sales force to access all relevant sales and marketing material

  13. 13. Marketing has insight to the sales forecast

  14. 14. There is a dedicated person or team responsible for improving sales and marketing collaboration in my organisation

  15. 15. Is marketing rewarded and recognised for their contribution to success in sales?

  16. 16. Do sales and marketing hold each other accountable?

  17. 17. Does sales bring marketing and product developers along to speak to customers?

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    It appears that you have not as yet implemented the below collaboration processes. Please contact us for advice.