CRO Development

CROs: Your Roadmap to Succeed in the role…

…and hit the ground running from Day One.

The CRO Forum is an 8-week group online course and membership community designed to develop and train Chief Revenue Officers. The course offers CROs and Aspiring CROs an overview of the scope of the role and a clearly defined Roadmap and Plan to succeed in the role from Day One. The course covers critical topics, including CRO onboarding, establishing agreement with the CEO, operational and cultural principles, revenue team alignment, revenue team assessments, and leadership strategies. 

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CRO Certification

Prove you have the right skills. Become a Professional Certified Chief Revenue Officer.

When you have the letters PCRO behind your name, you’re showing the world that you come equipped to uniquely take on the challenges that come with the role. With the ​CRO Collective Professional Certified CRO (PCRO®)​ program, you’ll not only gain the knowledge you need to advance your career, but you’ll also prove to employers you’re uniquely qualified to take on a Chief Revenue Officer Appointment.

The CRO Collective offers PCRO Accreditation to all participants who complete the CRO Readiness Coursework and pass the post-course exam.