As a founder it was a delight to work with the CRO Collective. The investment of my time paid off notably. I was absolutely pleased with the quality of the recommendations and the caliber of the participants. We went ahead and implemented most of the proposals in our company, driving great results so far. It was overall a fantastic experience.

Rodrigo Sarmiento Co-Founder at Descifra

I looked forward to the CRO Accelerator Course every Friday, rounding out my week with a session of learning, collaborating and reflecting. Having had a long history in Marketing I was excited to dive deep into the other revenue functions, and to get more confident in how I could bring value to those departments. I left the course with some great tactical and strategic tools to add to my revenue playbook, which I have already applied in my day-to-day!

Samantha Forster VP Sales & Marketing, Checkfront

Creating an aligned revenue engine is no easy task and Warren's curriculum - including regular discussions with industry leading guests - has been instrumental in my development as a CRO. I would highly recommend the CRO Collective to aspiring & current CROs who want to help their firms grow.

Eric Steele CRO at Source Advisors

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